All-round consulting

We take consulting seriously

Whether you wish to buy or sell – it goes without saying that all of our services begin with a thorough consultation.

  • We competently inform you about the current demand and price development in the most diverse locations (e.g. the town centre or suburbs), for residential properties or investment properties, for new buildings or secondary properties, building plots and in many other areas.
  • You will receive a solid evaluation of your property that will include the date of construction, location, aspect, fixtures and many other characteristics. We will inform you of the potential of your property. We will calculate the highest market price for you. Read the details under valuation.
  • You want to know exactly when and how you will be entered in the land register?
  • When and exactly how to insure yourself best?– Ask us, we have the answer.
  • If you so wish, we will inform you about the basic legal principles involved in the sales process and how both contract partners can be optimally protected.
  • We provide you with comprehensive information on housing subsidies, as well as current financing possibilities. If you wish, we can liaise with financial professionals and acquire financing plans and binding agreements on your behalf. Our financing concept provides answers to the following questions:
    • Is equity capital necessary? If so, how much?
    • What will the monthly repayments be?
    • Is it possible to get a housing subsidy? To what value and how does this affect the financing?
    • Are bank loans in euros, foreign currency credits or building society loans recommendable?
    • Is it worthwhile to take out a loan or to take part in a collective investment scheme?

Read the details under Financing.

  • We are happy to explain fiscal and legal questions in cooperation with our expert partners.

The Conveyance of Property

This is where consulting and facilitation are interwoven. We communicate all of our steps. We care about offering our clients the best support.

If you are looking for a property:

  • We ask you very specifically about your wishes and requirements and compile a requirement profile for your desired property.
  • We make a pre-selection on your behalf and, together with you, strictly view only those properties that fit your specifications.
  • As a VIP client, you regularly receive an E-mail including all new offers according to your requirement profile. Fast and reliable – and before they are published in the press. So you’re always one step ahead!
  • We only present you with properties that we have investigated thoroughly. We procure the land register abstract, compile a precise and up-to-date ground plan, speak with the property management and owners about their current running costs, planned maintenance measures, the amount of the fund deposits etc.
  • Looking for a plot of land? We investigate the land designation, land-utilisation plan (floor-space index etc.) and restrictions that may affect your property.
  • Up until the conclusion of the contract and beyond that, you can rely on our professional support in negotiations, and talks with the bank and the authorities.

Property evaluation:

  • You own a building plot, with or without existing buildings? As property development experts, we draw up the most economical solution for you.