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Team Rauscher: Am Tor der Altstadt

Want to buy or sell a residential property? Take a stroll through the historic Old Town and visit Team Rauscher! Our Petersbrunnstraße 15 office lies at the foot of the Festungsberg in the beautiful district of Nonntal, not far from the St Erhard parish church.
Or call us on: +43 (0) 662 88 02 04

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Your property sale
If you wish to sell a house, an apartment or a building plot, perhaps you already have an idea of how you want to proceed. You also have an idea of the purchase price that you would like to set. As to whether this really is attainable or can perhaps even be increased, remains to be seen. This is where a sound valuation is of assistance.

You possibly aren’t quite ready to approach an estate agent because you are afraid of the costs involved. Whom you should ultimately opt for is dependent upon diverse factors. Promises are of little use to you. What counts are successful sales. A lot of money is at stake. The sale of a property involves opportunities, but the risks shouldn’t be underestimated either.

For this reason, we have compiled a directory for you, which should help you with your sale. Available now here.

We wish you a great deal of success!
Elisabeth Rauscher

To avoid losing precious time with your sale, you are welcome to inform yourself under My Property Offer. We will contact you immediately. Or call us on: service telephone +43 (0) 662 88 02 04. Directory “If you want to sell property”:

Of course, we are also happy to send this to you. Service telephone +43 (0) 662 88 02 04